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Samuele Mazza

Samuele Mazza

Moving from Palma di Montechiaro in the heart of Sicily — a place of duality, of triumphant Baroque Catholicism and unexpected touches of Jewish and western culture— on to his training in the swinging Florence of the ‘80s — a laboratory of creative processes, a ground for fresh research and experimentation in culture, music and fashion— to land in the current bipolarity on the Milan-New York axis.

A multifaceted talent, a writer of books on fashion, on the history of costume, on the relationship between art, photography, cinema and fashion.
Designer of a line of products which quickly rose to international acclaim, Visionnaire, for IPE srl and art director of the company until 2010.

The line takes inspiration from theatrically decorated houses, from the self representation, dotted with traces, literary tributes built around the rare, precious catalysts of memory like art and photography, which scatter the walls of dwellings to shape the private throbbing heart.

Samuele Mazza has designed for la murrina: BALLROOM