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Marco Piva

Marco Piva

The sphere of action of the Studio Marco Piva are architecture, interior and industrial design.

Its activities range from design on a vast scale for the development of tourist terminals, the design of interiors, to extend to the definition of specific products for the collective spaces.
Studio Marco Piva realizes projects for hotels, resorts, conference centres, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, thematic shows and urban scenographies.

New materials, technologies, management and control systems, new concepts of distribution and design of functional elements and furnishings are the tools offered by this study to the operators more aware of this complex field, while respecting the budget of expenditure, production processes and rules in force, to configure the most appropriate solutions; but, most of all, the attention focused diligently to the needs of travellers, their habits and their behaviour, is the focal point of the research and design of the study, resulting in new spatial concepts, in fascinating and beautiful environments.

Marco Piva, graduated at Polytechnic of Milan, was a founding member of Studiodada Associates, a design study of the best known of the period of Radical Design. He works in Italy and abroad for projects in architecture, interior and industrial design.

Marco Piva has designed for la murrina: MARIPOSA, TATTOO