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Luca Scacchetti

Luca Scacchetti

Luca Scacchetti was born in Milan in 1952 and graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic in 1975.

He works as an architect and designer. Its activity extends from urban planning to architectural scale of the building, from interiors to the individual object. Many also his designs of hotels.
As regards the design, he works with the main Italian and foreign companies of furniture, office, lighting, bath, coating and of the decorative articles.

He made projects in Italy and France, Spain, Holland, Russia, Greece, Cyprus, Japan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and China.

His projects have been published in major magazines, and they were devoted five monographs: Luca Scacchetti – forme oggetti architetture 1975/1985, edited by F. Moschini, Rome, Kappa, 1986; Walking in different ways, edited by V. Pasca, edizioni Tecno, Milan, 1990; Luca Scacchetti – architetture con saggi by E. Ambasz, R. Bofill, A. Cantafora, G. Motta, F. Moschini and P. Portoghesi, Milan, Idea Books, 1991; Luca Scacchetti – disegni 1983/2002, with essays of P. Portoghesi and M. Brusatin, Milan, Federico Motta, 2002; Alfabeto. 82 progetti di design di Luca Scacchetti, with essays of F. Burkardt, M. Byars, A. Colonnetti and V. Pasca, Bologna, Compositori, 2006.

Luca Scacchetti has designed for la murrina: SHANGHAI