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Federico Visani

Federico Visani

Federico Visani was born in Florence in 1973 where he graduated in design and furniture at the Istituito Statale D’arte.

He was early able to collaborate with prestigious interior studios from Florence as a designer. For instance, he worked at KOUROS studio of Tapinassi and Lipparini until 2001. Then, he joined the newly STUDIOMEMO of Maurizio Manzoni and Roberto Tapinassi where he was involved in all aspects of the creative process. It is a topical collaboration.

Visani focuses on a functionalist project approach including poetic touches so that the result is not common but “a creative problem solver” (T. Maldonado). He believes a good draft is the fundamental base of a project and for that reason he handles all aspects that regard either the creation or the production. According to him, the material must be chosen for its utility rather than for satisfying a caprice. that can be technologic or extremely expressive regarding the idea.

Combining all materials with production process is of fundamental importance and he is always seeking for the best way of answering all questions that might come up during at the beginning of the project. He is never limited by preconceptions.

For Visani, the designer interprets first of all the latest consumers’ unexpressed needs that have been ignored until now. All practical aspects of the production brings an interesting confrontation as well as loads of consideration.

Federico Visani has designed for la murrina: EVA