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Alessandro La Spada

Alessandro La Spada

Born in Reggio Calabria of Sicilian parents, Alessandro La Spada moved to Milan where he got a diploma in Interior Design at the IDI’AC Interior Design Institute & Ateneo Creativo. He later taught ‘Furniture design’ at the same institute and at the Domus Academy.
But the passion, the emotional potential and the personality typical of his never-forgotten Mediterranean origins live on inside him and pervade all his creative vein.

Today, he is counted among the most brilliant storytellers of the Italian style, capable of creating ever-changing worlds. He can get inspired by whimsical exploits of characters that may be real or created by a likewise vivid imagination, or by a word whispered by a client not aware of being tracing the future path of his own company.

Eccentric and eclectic, La Spada has always been fascinated by the emotional aspect of objects.

Being a very skilled drawer, he has a predilection for the moulding of materials, and of steel above all. For this very reason he uses to define himself as a self-taught artist with an artisan attitude.
For the furniture industry, he designs unusual collections, imagines dreamlike atmospheres and projects artifacts that can tell their own story.

A vision more than a sign. The style and not mere exercises in style.

He collaborates with, among others, IPE Cavalli with the Visionnaire collection, Antolini, Besana, La Murrina, Longhi, Milldue, Smania Industria Italiana Mobili.

Alessandro La Spada  has designed for la murrina: JARDIN de VERRE – PYTHON