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Adriana Lohmann

Adriana Lohmann

Adriana Lohmann is a Lighting Designer and producer of glamorous, eco-sustainable chandeliers.

A Dressmaker of Light“, born from the fashion industry, bio-design and reuse of materials.

Born in Porto Alegre (Brazil), her atelier is located in Italy.

Researching shapes and raw matter, ambiance balance and Feng Shui principles, she crafts chandeliers with bold visual effect, made with exclusive materials: produces numerous collections of handcrafted lamps, in crystal, metallic, plastic, textile, high-tech materials and unusual ones. Her creations are made to give emotions, are iconic and tend to the jewel. Often works with Architects and interior designers.

She crafts twelve collections, for domestic purpose as well as bespoke creations in special shapes, suited for hospitality project or scenographic purposes. Her chandeliers decorates charming homes and luxurious hotels worldwide.

She also collaborates as a designer for some prestigious brands and -from year 2013- started a fruitful research relationship with Verbatim, that makes possible to blend the environmental sustainability of LED sources, with lavishness and poetry.

In 1999 she won the international competition in Milan, “La Fabbrica del Vapore” [The Steam Works], being the only winner as individual person, between tens of participants of much bigger size.

Adriana Lohmann has developed collaborations with brands as: Fiorucci, Presotto, Doimo, Monaco, Grattarola, Fimes, Zalf / Desireè, Euromobil, Modà di Diliddo e Perego, Febal, Rossana Orlandi, R+Light, Minotti, Scavolini, SavioFirmino, Pozzi Ginori, Phard/Zu, Edilkamin, Chicco, Yamaha, Mbk, Fiat, RAI TV, Mediaset, Sky TV, Dupont, Sisley, Sportmax, Breil, Baccarat, Ferrovie dello Stato, Banca S.Paolo, Unicredit, Omnitel, QVC, Comieco, Nestlè, Heineken, Ente Fiera Vicenza Oro, Fai Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Isia (Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche), Pitti Immagine Firenze, Luxottica, VGcrea, Hilton Hotels, Verbatim, Mitsubishi, Fogazza, Caspani Tino Group, Hotel Sol Melià, Radisson Hotels, Hotel La Cigale, Busnelli, Romeo Gigli, Les Copains, Carpanelli, Cappelletti, Oak Industrie Mobili, Primorie Hotel Gelendzhik,Bizzotto, Henkel, Visionnaire, Entrata Libera, Lines, Schwarzkopf, Wind, Phard, Zu, Pozzi Ginori, Ukio Bank, BreraItalia, WMilano, Le Fablier, Azul Italia, X-Factor, Videotime, Vigorplant, Otelo mobilfunk, Alcatraz MI, Kobayashi, Littlebull, Italgraniti, Dedacorbari, Selvaggio SA, Privitera, Kairos SA, Leitner Electro, Fabricatore, Cermiche Ragno, Terme Salvarola, Accor-Novotel, Lights of Venice, Hublot, Pit Offices, Ts Headworks, Movicoop, Santero Wines, Mida, Civico 57, Dumont Sombreffe, Marchingenio, Oryon, Amea Sistemi, Oggioni, Music Color, Newform, Lantech Solutions, Town House Hotel by Seven Stars Milano, L’Oreal-Lancôme, Lumicor USA, Cani Wines, Ragno Ceramiche, Renault, Ascent Film, Studio B612, Sunglass Hut.

 Adriana Lohmann has designed for la murrina: BELLE EPOQUE