L’amour n’est pas un sentiment, c’est un art.
Paul Morand

A new way of perceiving Murano glass and its true essence of being decorative, evocative, precious. More than any other material, glass bestows emotion, allusions.

la murrina is proud to present L’Amour, the new collection dedicated to love and to passion for beautiful, timeless creations.

Hence the inspisration for the first two items of the collection, snippets of Made in Italy where the Murano master glass blowers have captured the magic which for time immemorial has distinguished their craft: the Ballroom series, designed by Samuele Mazza evokes the atmosphere created by antique candelabras; the Jardin de Verre line by Alessandro La Spada features dreamlike pieces blending design with art to tell their unique tale now enhanced with the new hummingbirds decoration and embellished by LED light source. The Sicily collection by Roberto Serio takes its name from the Italian Island cradle of multiethnic cultures and histories.
The Python line by Alessandro La Spada signs again the originality of his mind, a combination of concentric circular modules to create your own chandelier.

Ballroom, Jardin de Verre with its new decoration, Sicily and Python are the continuity of the new design adventure spacing beyond lighting, L’Amour by la murrina will explore different areas and diverse types of creations ranging from furniture to jewelry, accessories and distinctive display solutions.

Murano glass is, of course, the one and only protagonist.

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